streetogrOFFY Manifesto

I am sure all of you are wondering what is streetogrOFFY?

Well really it is my own play on the word, streettography or street photography, but it is also something much more than that. 

Street photography is such a wonderful genre of photography.  It is pure, perfect, and untouched.  It is a moment frozen in time that will never be repeated again.  I think that is what makes it so powerful, it is raw. 

There are no rules in street photography, it is art and therefore up to the artist to create.  Some people will like their art, while others could find it displeasing and offensive.  That is the beauty of art. it is supposed to spark an emotion connection or response within the viewer.

streetogrOFFY is a learning process.  I will continue to grow as both a photographer and person.  As that growth occurs, so too will growth in my art.  This is the documentation of that journey.

streetogrOFFY is discreet.  It does not disturb or influence the subject, but rather documents that moment of beauty.  

But above all else:

streetogrOFFY is me.  It is my documentation of the raw untouched beauty I see all around me. 

I didn't always see this beauty, in fact most of us walk down the street with blinders on unattuned to this beauty around us.  I was once like this, it took a major illness (leukemia) to open my eyes to the world around me.

My eyes are open now, camera is ready, and streetogrOFFY is born.  

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