Saturday, August 13, 2011

Street Photography Undefined

We have something inside of us that is always pushing to label, categorize, and define things.  Once we have done that we can organize them in tiny little buckets.  Photography is no different where we have so many different genres, including Street Photography.

Every genre has been not only been labelled but has a nice definition to go with it, except Street Photography.  It is such a broad genre, the definitions become just as broad.  I presented one definition of street photography that I found to be inspiring and useful when I was starting out, you can see it at A Definition of Street Photography.  Today I would like to present another definition on Street Photography, one that has become my favourite take on the genre

Friday, August 12, 2011

streetogrOFF - "Coffee Break"

I am not much of a portrait street photographer anymore, I find my tastes and style of shooting has evolved into something else.  I guess for me I find street portraits, even when candid, to be usually forgettable.  Sure they almost always portray a powerful emotion but this rarely reaches inside me and moves me.

Now with that said once in awhile I still do find "characters" that I find interesting and seem to have quite the story to them.  Today's shot is one example of that.

Monday, August 8, 2011

streetogrOFFY - "The Pursecycle"

Photography is supposed to be fun and sometimes you just have to make sure you are having fun doing it.  For this shot I decided to have a little fun by playing around a little with my subjects and juxtaposing two things together to form one shot. 

This shot was selected by Eric Kim as one of the 18 Great Examples of Humour in Street Photography for a contest he ran on his blog the week of Aug 1, 2011

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