Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Definition of Street Photography

I am voracious learner, and when I want to learn something new I dive right into studying it.  Street photography was a little different though.  It seemed unlike all other forms of photography as there didn't seem to lots of books floating around describing it; it felt almost underground.

This lack of initial information didn't stop me, I was determined to understand what street photography was, and first I wanted a definition.  To find this I turned to already established street photographers to understand their definition of street photography. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

streetogrOFFY - Compositionally Speaking

I touched on this a little bit yesterday.  For me street photography has begun to evolve. I now longer enjoy taking the close up portrait shots that only express an emotion.  I have taken on the personal challenge of adding more complexity into the images by building much stronger composed images.

Composition is often to most forget pieces in street photography as it really is hard to master when you need to react so quickly  Really the only way to do so is making a conscious effort to focus on it and practice it.  I believe a strong composition is what makes the foudation and structure of great photos so strong, it is what creates lasting impression photographs.  In these style photographs the people are just pieces that enhance the overall composition and story rather than being the main focus.

Today I am sharing three seperate photos where I have begun my journey into examining stronger composition and better placement of subject to support this.  I hope you enjoy and can't wait to hear comments.  Feel free to also offer new names for any you don't like :)
No Hands | 28mm
This was my first foray into this new style. It is a fairly simple composition with the nice long path leading you into the frame.  I liked the biker with no hands but debate whether it could have used another subject deeper in the frame for more balance.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

streetogrOFFY - "Patiently Waiting"

This picture comes from latest Toronto Street Photography trip.  It is one of the majore benefits of having to trek into the city for appointments every other week, I know I will get some street photography time in the city.

Shooting street photography in Toronto is a lot more fun than shooting here in my tiny little hometown.  There is just so much more going on in the city, I always end up getting much better photos.  This last trip was no exception, in which I got some of my best shots to date. 

The first time I came to shoot street photography in Toronto I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of people.  I was still shooting from the hip, and basically shot pictures of every person I passed or found interesting.  I had a good time but didn't get many great keepers.  I have seen the error in my ways and now look for more than portrait shots.  In addition, I shoot with the viewfinder attempting to construct the images to depict a better story.

This picture I took in the alley behind the hospital.  What drew me to it was all the different people waiting.  First, the main figure tapping his foot with arms on his side.  Then you see the van and wonder is it waiting for the man or the man waiting for it.  Finally, in the distance is a couple delivery trucks waiting for their turns in the delivery bay. 

I know as I practice this technique more I will be able to construct much better images but I am already enjoying my shots more.

What are your thoughts?

About streetogrOFFY

I am a Toronto Street Photographer.  Well I guess I shouldn't classify me as just a Toronto Street Photographer but more like a Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Street Photographer.  With that said I love toronto street photography.  I try and get into the city at least once a week to shoot. 

I am fairly new to the street photography genre but have found a stronger passion for it than any other genre of photography.  Photography has only been in my life for 1.5 years since I got sick.  it has changed my outlook on the world which I believe comes across in my photography.  A fun fact is it also changed me physically, I now have two DNA's one for all the cells and organs of my body and another DNA for all my blood and immune cells.  I mean how many ppl can you say you know with two DNA :)

When I go out shooting I don't purely focus on street, to tell the truth I don't focus on anything.  I like to take an ecceltic approach.  instead of focusing on just one genre of photography i like to focus on subject matter that interests me.  Sometimes I come home with street shots, other times urban or landscapres, or even still life flowers (talk about hardcore eh). In the end I always come home fulfilled, content and happy which is most important to me with my in photography.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

streetogrOFFY - "Reflections"

As I continue to shoot more and more street shots I find myself less inclined to shoot portrait style.  I am beginning to find them both boring to shoot and look at.  When I first started out, that is all I shot.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with them, they just don't speak to me anymore.

I find myself starting to try and tell more of a story now and building stronger composed images.  I think as time goes along these will make for images that speak a lot stronger to me.

In this shot I just loved the strut he had and all the reflected images in the glass.  I find it makes the image feel symmetrical.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

streetogrOFFY - "Mini Me"

I was out on one of my many photowalks around Port Credit when I captured this shot.  I really liked how the image was composed with the balance of people and just as I was shooting it the image got better this the child and man turning around to look.  It could have been a bit sharper of a shot but I still really like it.

As always I have sometimes have difficulties with naming my work, and this is no difference.  So please offer any suggestions for a title, the best one I will pick and rename the post. :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

streetogrOFFY: My becoming a Street Photographer

I didn't always want to be a street photographer.  In fact, when I took up photography a year ago I was more interested in parlaying the photography thing into a paying gig; I know the dream of most photographers. 

My interest in street photography came over a year after I started photography and it happened more by chance or accident than anything else.  I was beginning to get extremely bored shooting the typical nature, wildlife, and flower shots and was looking for something more.  I realized then that photography was most likely not going to be a profession for me but stay where is should, a passion.

I began wanting more from my images, I wanted them to feel different than the others I shot and have a connection to them.  I switched my interest to shooting urban photography and at the same time begain experimenting much more in black and white photography.  I was instantly drawn into these new images; they had a rawness and grittiness that I hadn't seen before.  They had a soul, and I liked it.  

Sunday, July 31, 2011

streetogrOFFY - "Look Away"

Toronto Street Photography
f/8 1/1600s ISO400
Canon EOS 5d,  35mm
May 20,2011

This photo came from my first time doing street photography in Toronto.  Up until this point I had always just done my photography in the small village that I live in.  It was just an wonderful experience working in the "big" city. 

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