Monday, August 1, 2011

streetogrOFFY: My becoming a Street Photographer

I didn't always want to be a street photographer.  In fact, when I took up photography a year ago I was more interested in parlaying the photography thing into a paying gig; I know the dream of most photographers. 

My interest in street photography came over a year after I started photography and it happened more by chance or accident than anything else.  I was beginning to get extremely bored shooting the typical nature, wildlife, and flower shots and was looking for something more.  I realized then that photography was most likely not going to be a profession for me but stay where is should, a passion.

I began wanting more from my images, I wanted them to feel different than the others I shot and have a connection to them.  I switched my interest to shooting urban photography and at the same time begain experimenting much more in black and white photography.  I was instantly drawn into these new images; they had a rawness and grittiness that I hadn't seen before.  They had a soul, and I liked it.  

As I continued down this path I again became restless with my images.  Although, I loved the raw, grittiness of the images I was getting, everytime I reviewed my images something felt missing; a better subject.  I realized that the raw, grittiness of the city made for a very strong base in a picture and provided excellent compositional help but it still needed a main subject to draw the viewer in, it didn't quite have the soul of an image yet.

My transition into street photography was something of an accident.  I was out walking aimlessly around looking to be inspired, when I was walking through a tunnel and took this photo.
I actually didn't think to much of the photo when taking it.  In truth I was trying to work on practicing photographing in difficult lighting situations.  I didn't really realize the magnitude of this picture on me until I got home and reviewed it.  As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it. 

Granted this is not my best composed image but it had the thing I had been lacking in my photography.  The photo had a story to tell the viewer; it had a soul. 

This single image turned my focus into street photography and created the seed for streetogrOFFY to begin to grow. 

From this point on I began pouring over street photography blogs, street photography flickr groups, and websites of well known street photographers.  I was a sponge and I wanted to soak up as much information as I possibly could.  Some of the information I found harsh, and didn't agree with; but I read it anyways.  I was new to this discpline and wanted all opinions and sides.  I knew I could make my own judgements on the different subjects as I became more experienced in street photography.

So here I stand today; streetogrOFFY has grown from that seed of an idea a forumn to document my growth as a street photographer from the beginning going forward.


Unknown said...

I'd say you've come a long way. The images are always wonderful.

JIM said...

Always enjoy your works. We all look for the best venue to showcase our art, what is in our heart and what we want to share with the world. Some see in color some see more B&W. That you have found your niche is great news for you and your fans!!

Nelieta said...

Great work Aaron! This is my first visit to your site and I am looking forward to see more.

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