Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Definition of Street Photography

I am voracious learner, and when I want to learn something new I dive right into studying it.  Street photography was a little different though.  It seemed unlike all other forms of photography as there didn't seem to lots of books floating around describing it; it felt almost underground.

This lack of initial information didn't stop me, I was determined to understand what street photography was, and first I wanted a definition.  To find this I turned to already established street photographers to understand their definition of street photography. 

The first photographer I came across was a street photographer out of LA named Eric Kim.  His website Eric Kim Street Photography became an outstanding resource for me while I was starting out.

The first definition of street photography I came across was his.  Although, it was the first one I read, I found it to be extremely poetic and inspiring. 

"Beauty in the Mundane"

The genre of photography that I take part of can best be described as “street photography”. Street Photography emphasizes the “beauty in the mundane” by showcasing little snippets of every-day life. However as life is often unexpected and “Kodak moments” often fly before a person’s eyes, the street photographer must be skilled, brave, and disciplined enough to capture certain “decisive moments” that can only be caught once in a lifetime.

Real life is unscripted, and the street photographer doesn’t have the convenience of setting up all the variables in his image. Therefore whenever you look at an image from a street photographer, know that the image you are looking at is one-of-a-kind. Look for the story.

Life is the stage and the people in it are the actors. Now enjoy the play.
~Source: Eric Kim - Eric Kim Street Photography
Reading his definition was like a light went off, I was inspired.  Capurturing beautiful stories in everyday life that are once in a lifetime oppurtunites was like a calling to me; it was what I was missing in my photography from before.  I realized after reading this piece that street photography was the genre that housed the true soul of a great image and I wanted to be part of creating that.


Melissa Tandoc said...

Great inspiration Aaron...and're doing great at it...I really have to take time to look at what you see out there everyday...

Padmavani said...

Good post! A good starting point for somebody interested in street photography.

Anonymous said...

Love the BW photos! Such a cool dimension!

JIM said...

Your making me start thinking of street and B&W I haven't really done much with either lately. Might start dabbling lol!! Great definition!!! You must be really feeling better , it is great to see..stay strong!!!

tbaoo said...

your work inspires me to get outside and take photographs, quickly :)

p.s. could you do me (and probably many others), a favour and change your comments to the pop up option .. it makes it so much easier to comment cheery cheers alan

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Aaron - you have found your niche! Your photos always inspire me but especially love your street work.

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