Wednesday, August 3, 2011

streetogrOFFY - "Reflections"

As I continue to shoot more and more street shots I find myself less inclined to shoot portrait style.  I am beginning to find them both boring to shoot and look at.  When I first started out, that is all I shot.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with them, they just don't speak to me anymore.

I find myself starting to try and tell more of a story now and building stronger composed images.  I think as time goes along these will make for images that speak a lot stronger to me.

In this shot I just loved the strut he had and all the reflected images in the glass.  I find it makes the image feel symmetrical.


Unknown said...

I love the elongatation of the street in the background, I can imagine him walking that whole street and to me it gives the whole image two sides. Something definitely has his eye, I'd love to know what it is and I like how it's a tilted image rather than a straight view.

BlogNostics said...

That a truly coool pic. I personally have an affinity to B&W images. I guess it was frowing up with a B&W tele. :)

Cheers A

Padmavani said...

I love how this fits in the frame..a bit wonky in a very artistic way. Very goo capture!

Bec Owen said...

I'm a sucker for B&W images, too. Lots of lovely shade and light in SJ, I can't help wondering what has captured his attention!

Like this a lot!

Amy said...

Yep...what they said. Awesome shot ~love that its B&W!

Aaron said...

I am so happy that everyone liked this pic so much. I almost didn't include it so having great feedback helps reinforce it was a good choice to include.
Thanks :o)

Pamanner said...

I love the B&W, too! Is he looking at himself in the reflection or at the accessories? Hmmmm ;-)

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