Thursday, August 4, 2011

streetogrOFFY - "Patiently Waiting"

This picture comes from latest Toronto Street Photography trip.  It is one of the majore benefits of having to trek into the city for appointments every other week, I know I will get some street photography time in the city.

Shooting street photography in Toronto is a lot more fun than shooting here in my tiny little hometown.  There is just so much more going on in the city, I always end up getting much better photos.  This last trip was no exception, in which I got some of my best shots to date. 

The first time I came to shoot street photography in Toronto I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of people.  I was still shooting from the hip, and basically shot pictures of every person I passed or found interesting.  I had a good time but didn't get many great keepers.  I have seen the error in my ways and now look for more than portrait shots.  In addition, I shoot with the viewfinder attempting to construct the images to depict a better story.

This picture I took in the alley behind the hospital.  What drew me to it was all the different people waiting.  First, the main figure tapping his foot with arms on his side.  Then you see the van and wonder is it waiting for the man or the man waiting for it.  Finally, in the distance is a couple delivery trucks waiting for their turns in the delivery bay. 

I know as I practice this technique more I will be able to construct much better images but I am already enjoying my shots more.

What are your thoughts?


JIM said...

nice blacks and greys.. Your DOF is good and your composition is very good!! I stumbled it!!!

Aaron said...

Glad you like the shot Jim. I have been trying to spend much more effort in composing these shots.....thanks for the stumble, I stumbled your grizzlies too :o)

BlogNostics said...

I don't know... I would have zoomed in more on him and the lorry, thereby taking away the overhanging bridge, as my eye goes straight for the dark spot witch is the bridge... just saying.

Aaron said...

very good comment...I agree that overhang on the right does detract from the image, drawing your eye in. I didn't even see that, I was so focused on his tapping foot....thank you for the excellent critique. :D

Anonymous said...

I like the feeling of motion/movement in this pic! Captured the energy of the moment!

Aaron said...

Thanks Pamanner! I am so glad you liked it

Penelope J. said...

Love these photos. Your StreetogrOFFY reminds me so much of details/people/sights that I see when walking downtown. I often jot them down but it's not the same as a visual. And Waiting - You got it all there.

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