Tuesday, August 2, 2011

streetogrOFFY - "Mini Me"

I was out on one of my many photowalks around Port Credit when I captured this shot.  I really liked how the image was composed with the balance of people and just as I was shooting it the image got better this the child and man turning around to look.  It could have been a bit sharper of a shot but I still really like it.

As always I have sometimes have difficulties with naming my work, and this is no difference.  So please offer any suggestions for a title, the best one I will pick and rename the post. :)


Unknown said...

"You looking at me?!"

Another great image.

Fhermission said...

"Hey mom, hurry up!"
(Amazing Race: Family Edition)

Tony West said...

Guardian Angel

Anonymous said...

Mini Me

Aaron said...

The winner is.....Mini Me.
I think it just speaks to the coolness of the little child beside their big brother.

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