Thursday, August 4, 2011

About streetogrOFFY

I am a Toronto Street Photographer.  Well I guess I shouldn't classify me as just a Toronto Street Photographer but more like a Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Street Photographer.  With that said I love toronto street photography.  I try and get into the city at least once a week to shoot. 

I am fairly new to the street photography genre but have found a stronger passion for it than any other genre of photography.  Photography has only been in my life for 1.5 years since I got sick.  it has changed my outlook on the world which I believe comes across in my photography.  A fun fact is it also changed me physically, I now have two DNA's one for all the cells and organs of my body and another DNA for all my blood and immune cells.  I mean how many ppl can you say you know with two DNA :)

When I go out shooting I don't purely focus on street, to tell the truth I don't focus on anything.  I like to take an ecceltic approach.  instead of focusing on just one genre of photography i like to focus on subject matter that interests me.  Sometimes I come home with street shots, other times urban or landscapres, or even still life flowers (talk about hardcore eh). In the end I always come home fulfilled, content and happy which is most important to me with my in photography.


Unknown said...

Your a talented wee man huny
Jaqui x

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